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Dedicated Hiring

Dedicated Web Designers

Our dedicated web designers integrate customized design solutions in your website that commendably reflects the corporate image of your brand. We deliver high-quality web designing services that make the websites compelling and attract new customers.

Dedicated PHP Developers

We comprise highly experienced web developers who deliver relevant solutions that suit best for your business. Our dedicated professionals are well acquainted with several frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CorePHP and CakePHP for providing accurate web solutions.

Dedicated Android App Developers

Our android app developers are highly capable of developing top-notch applications as per the trade requirements. We integrate modern tools with the apps that not only help in reaching targeted android users but also increases revenues and assures business growth for long-term.

Dedicated HTML Developers

Our team comprises knowledgeable HTML developers who deliver remarkable outsourcing solutions that complement your business objective. We efficiently convert designs into HTML with accurate slicing, coding, and conversion. We provide precise HTML specifications as per your needs.

Dedicated Framework Developers

We integrate effective framework development solutions that help us in building customized website within least possible time. Our skilled developers are highly accustomed to working on several open source framework like WordPress, CodeIgniter and lot more.

Dedicated iOS App Developers

We comprise efficient IOS App developers who integrate modern resources and tools for making your sites easily accessible and user-friendly. With our iOS app development services, you can have customized applications that complement your business objectives and acquire better ROI.

Dedicated WordPress Developers

Our dedicated WordPress web developers provide inclusive WordPress solutions that commendably meet your trade requirements. With better user experience, our experts hold commendable skills in theme and plug-in integration, customization and many others.

Dedicated Marketing Executives

Our skilled digital marketing executives employ their utmost knowledge while optimizing your website for better search engine rankings. They are proficient and conduct accurate keyword research that engages new audiences. Our team readily maintains and updates the website that further increase conversions.

Dedicated Creative Designers

With a perfect mixture of professionalism and sound knowledge, our graphic designers will put together a design that will create a powerful identity for your business. Hire our graphic designers who can shape your vision into creative ideas so that the resultant message can grab the attention of your customers.


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Why Us?

Born Digital

Since 2018, we have been offering new-age digital solutions to keep your business digitally advanced and sustainable to the uncertain challenges.

We're Transparent

And that is why, we expect the same from you. Transparency builds trust, and it builds trustworthy long-term business relation.

We think long-term

And act short-term. We are idea shapers and technical partners. Not order pickers. With rapid development techniques, we ensure faster delivery of you project. 

We keep asking "Why"

To understand the problem we want to solve, to meet the user needs & business goals, to plot the optimal budget & to outline the perfect timeline.

We never stop learning

In everything we do. We value our experience and foster the excitement to master the art of digital products.

Full-Service Digital

One house for the complete digital solution which lowers cost and enables total ownership of the project with superior quality and timely delivery.

"Gained Trust of 200+ Companies"

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our vision

Thynx for Startup & SME's

"We believe that building online businesses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and accelerate your growth, with money in your pocket."


Success Stories is largest professional platform offering services like Company Incorporation, Trademark, Taxation, Accounting & Booking, teamed with Thynx Labs to develop and manage end-to-end digital ecosystem with customer through Customer Management Portal.

Mathfront Solutions

Mathfront Solutions

Mathfront solution offers a comprehensive learning platform for students of IIT Jee, Mains and different state board engineering Aspirants, teamed with Thynx Labs for development of Learning Management & Customer Management Platform.

Ready Accountant

Ready Accountant

Ready Accountant, a private limited company headquartered in Kolkata, managed by a group of CA/CS providing industry ready courses and training on Accounting, Income Tax & GST teamed with Thynx Labs for their online branding and 360 degree digital marketing solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know the progress of my project?

You get to access all your progress reports via a dedicated project manager, along with that, you can get your daily update via email and interact with the developers anytime via email and chat.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to get my Project developed?

No, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or an expert to get your project developed with us. Have a rough idea of what you want? We are here to help.

How do you assign professionals for my project?

Every client is unique and so are their needs. Similar is our style of assigning task with a particular project. Firstly, we focus on the need of the project and then break down the core development aspects, to handle individual assignments to our pool of experts.

How do we assure privacy & confidentiality?

Our customer’s privacy and confidentiality are our priority. No matter the size or type of project, we ensure confidentiality by signing an NDA agreement with our clients. Your IP stays safe with us!

What is the process of payment?

After the acceptance of price quote issued by us, we time-to-time issue demand invoices as per progress of project, which has to be paid within the due date stated on invoice. A client can make payment via Bank Transfer or through our Payment gateway channel.

Do you offer EMI for your services?

Yes, we offer EMI to our clients on invoice total of amount more than INR 15000 having a valid Indian Credit Card with tenure not more than 1 year.

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